Special Touches for Your Wedding

Dance Games and Special Dances

  1. Anniversary Dance All the couples dance to slow love songs. Gradually, couples are asked to leave the floor or move to one side as the amount of time they've been married is called (1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc.). Eventually the couple that's been together longest is left dancing in a celebration of their marriage.
  2. Dance Lyrics Begin dance-time by playing first slow, and then high-energy songs that have dance lyrics in them, prompting the crowd to dance. Examples: Dance Tonight by McCartney, Come Dancing (Kinks), Dancing in the Moonlight, Let’s Dance (Bowie), Dancing on the ceiling (Lionel)
  3. My Girl Have male friends and guests and circle around bride, with groom and groomsmen in inner circle. Play "My Girl" and have the men drop to one knee at the chorus.
  4. My Guy Have ladies circle around the groom. Bride stays next to the MC. Play "My Guy" or "Whatta Man". The girls shower him with hugs and kisses. The Bride then pushes her way through and gives him a big kiss as everyone cheers!
  5. Romantic Invitation Ask each seated person to take the hand of their loved one seated next to them and whisper something into their ear. Then say, "If you like what you just heard, take that person to the dance floor and reward them with a romantic dance."
  6. Group Photo on the dance floor! Play Freeze Frame or Photograph.
  7. Group Hug-Off Have the parents hold hands around the bride and groom, then the wedding party holds hands around them, then bride’s family, then groom's. Do group embrace. Then have bride raise her hand and begin a conga line ("Hot Hot Hot")!
  8. Shoulder Rub Invite guests to stand and place their right hip on the back of the chair. Then, since they’ve been sitting so long, ask them to rub the shoulders of the person in front of them. Play "Conga Line", and ask guests to join with other tables around the room.
  9. Chicken Dance (Fertility Dance) Have bride's parents (or grandmothers) in the center of the dance floor, and ask all the guests to circle around them. Explain that someday they all wish to be called grandparents themselves. So with the help of friends and family, all are about to do an ancient fertility dance. Then play the "Chicken Dance"!
  10. Snowball Dance DJ instructs guests already on the floor to each run and drag another guest onto the floor when he yells "Snowball!"
  11. Torpedo Dance Same as Snowball, but instruct guests to race toward a particular table or quadrant of the room and drag out dancers.
  12. Goofiest Dance Move If a circle forms, ask each guest to show off his/her goofiest move. When you see a simple one, ask ALL the guests to do the same dance! Then, as a reward, name the dance after the founder.
  13. Grease Dance-Off/Sing-Along First, make two lines (girls and boys). Play "Summer Loving" and have each line sing the parts. Then, play "Greased Lightning" and have the couples stroll down the center aisle!
  14. Sing-Along Songs Ask the guests to join on the dance floor for very special songs – "Livin' on a Prayer", "Time of my Life", "Piano Man", "Don’t Stop Believing", "Sweet Caroline", "American Pie", "Lean on Me", "Stand By Me", "NY NY." Walk around with the mic and let particular guests sing a verse.