Special Touches for Your Wedding

The Shoe Game

Set two chairs back-to-back in the middle of the dance floor. Have the bride sit in one chair and the groom remove both of the bride's shoes. Then have the groom sit in the other chair and have him remove both of his shoes as well.

Trade one shoe each so that the bride has one of her shoes and one of the groom's, and so does the groom.

"This game is to show how much the new Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe really know about each other." As a practice question, ask "Right now, who has the most cash on them?" or "Who wears the pants in the family?" The bride and groom raise the shoe belonging to the one they think of as their answer. So, the bride may raise her own shoe and the groom may raise his own, drawing a lot of laughs from the crowd!

Below are some sample questions. BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU...

Who is the biggest flirt?

Who made the first move?

Who's the better cook?

Who said "I love you" first?

Who has the wackiest family?

Who's the better driver?

Who's the faster driver?

Who spends the most time in front of a mirror?

Who is in control of the checkbook?

Who is most likely to eat desert for breakfast?

Who wears the pants in the family?

Who is in charge of the remote?

Who spends the most time getting ready to go out?

Who will be doing most of the yard work?

If you haven't already... who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first?

Now that you're married, who will be the first to say "not tonight"?

Who's the better kisser?

Who will be the first to fall asleep tonight?

Who has the smelliest feet?

Who steals the cover's more?

Who popped the question?

Who says "I love you" the most in one day?

Who talks more?

Who's most likely to use up all the hot water?

Who's most likely to get lost?

Who's most likely to ask for directions?

Who's the first one to make up after a fight?

Who's the one that started the fight in the first place?

Who's the most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning?

Who's most likely to wake up with a hangover in the morning?

Who's most likely to be running late?

Who spends more money?

Who's most likely to clean the toilets?

Who's most likely to take out the garbage?

Who's most likely to pass out during childbirth?

Who stares at themselves in the mirror more?

Who's most likely to watch "How I Met Your Mother"?

Who's got the better sense of humor?

Who spends more time in Walmart?

Who will drop more money on a gift for the other?

And finally... Who do you love the most in the whole wide world?